Open-Air Music in Zurich

In summer, open-air events lure music fans into parks, onto squares, and even to outdoor bathing facilities, where they listen to rock, classical, jazz, and electronic music.
Zürich Openair

The locations for open-air concerts in and around Zurich are truly spectacular. Directly on the lake, amidst history-steeped walls, or with a view of the Swiss Alps, they are a treat for the eye as well as the year. Summer nights in Zurich are pleasantly warm and the broad range of concerts and festivals an absolute delight. Whether rock, classical, blues, jazz, folk, or electronic music, in Zurich every music fan is sure to find their favorite open-air event. 

The following tips are just a small selection of possible open-air events. The tickets for all the events are also available at the Tourist Information at the Main Station.


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