Street Parade – The World’s Largest Techno Party in Zurich

During the Street Parade, hundreds of thousands of electronic and techno music fans dance around Zurich’s lake basin.

August 10, 2024

Zurich really comes to life in summer. In August, electronic sounds make the city vibrate, love mobiles make their way around the lake basin, and hundreds of thousands of music fans dance on the streets of Zurich. The Street Parade is the largest techno party in the world and an indisputable highlight on Zurich’s event calendar.

Since it began in the 1990s, various other electronic music styles, such as House, Drum’n’Bass, and Dubstep, have also established themselves alongside Trance and Techno.

After the official Street Parade, numerous parties take place, such as “Insomnia” at the Hallenstadion, Synergy in the Alte Kaserne, or The Rooftop at Samigo Amusement, while the legendary “Lethargy” is celebrated in the Rote Fabrik. In the same way as the Street Parade, this last event has transformed from an underground party into one of the absolute highlights of Zurich’s summer.

To the Line-Up

New: Zurich Music Week
Already in the week before the Street Parade, everything in Zurich revolves around music: at Zurich Music Week (ZMW), professionals meet with amateur musicians and other interested parties. Talks, workshops, concerts, and events in off-spaces enrich the colorful program around the Street Parade.

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