Sechseläuten – Zurich’s Spring Festival

When in April the first flowers and trees start to bloom, the temperatures rise and the days become longer, the people of Zurich celebrate their traditional spring festival: Sechseläuten, or “Sächsilüüte” as it is known in local dialect.

April 20, 2020

Where this tradition originates, who plays the leading role, what the Zurich guilds have to do with it and what happens when, you can find out here.

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Every April, the Zurich guilds celebrate Sechseläuten. But where does this custom originate?
The history of Switzerland's most famous snowman figure

Program and Parade Route

Information about the Festival program and the route of the Sechseläuten parade.
Interesting facts and curiosities relating to the Sechseläuten tradition in Zurich.
Tips from the Locals
The Böögg builder is particularly familiar with Zurich’s highlights – here are his tips.
City of the Guilds
Dining in style: These Zurich restaurants are housed in history-steeped guild houses.

Zurich and its Guilds Tour

The tour explores the history of Zurich´s guilds, whose traditions continue to be celebrated today.
Right up until Sechseläuten, fans can grab a photo with the Böögg at the Tourist Information.

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