Cassiopeia Boardwalk

The Cassiopeia boardwalk enables pedestrians and joggers to follow a route all the way along the left bank of Lake Zurich without interruption.

The 2.8m (92ft) wide and 284m (932ft) long Cassiopeia boardwalk closes the gap in the lakeside path between the center for alternative culture, the Rote Fabrik, and Wollishofen Harbor. Pedestrians and joggers can now follow a route without interruption along the picturesque lakeshore from Bürkliplatz in central Zurich as far as the municipal boundary in Wollishofen.

The attractive construction extends 100m (330ft) into the lake, making the Alpine panorama seem even closer than from the Quaibrücke bridge at Bürkliplatz. In addition, the narrow walkway between land and water gives you the feeling that you are actually standing in the middle of the lake. Incidentally, the boardwalk is lit up at night, offering a particular good view of the starry sky in fine weather. Then budding astronomers both big and small can see, among other things, the constellation Cassiopeia, which has lent the boardwalk its name.

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Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 3.9 km 17 min
Zürich Airport 12.3 km 34 min
8038  Zürich