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The label Tanzleila was once the organization for non-commercial women's parties, today it is one of the popular party labels of the FLINTA* community. What began at the Kasernenareal as “Kanzleila” is today known as “Tanzleila” and has found a home at the Club Exil in Zürich-West. Three or four times a year, women can dance to music from all genres, cultures, and eras. One particular highlight is the Jukebox Parties, at which the female public can choose the music that is played by handing in their requests at the DJ booth.

Part of the proceeds from the parties goes towards supporting women’s projects and organizations both at home and abroad.

*FLINTA is an abbreviation and stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people. The appended asterisk serves as a placeholder to include all non-binary gender identities.

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8005 Zürich
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