Bars & Clubs in Zurich
Zurich offers the most varied nightlife in Switzerland. It includes out-of-the-ordinary bars, clubs renowned far beyond the Swiss borders, and top concert venues.

Bars & Clubs in Zurich

Zurich Nightlife Guide

Zurich is the perfect place to be for night owls and dance-mad clubbers. The vast choice of the most diverse of bars means that everyone can find a place that suits their taste. Whether cocktails, beer or gin, whether football, karaoke, concerts or readings – between them, Zurich’s bars cover every possible preference.

At a late hour, guests head for one of the city’s trendy clubs. Electro, house, rock or reggae – partygoers have plenty of opportunity to take to the dance floor and in many places can dance through to the early hours of the morning.

Good to Know – Bars & Clubs in Zurich 

  1. For a number of years, Langstrasse has been Zurich’s most popular entertainment district among nightlife enthusiasts of all ages.
  2. Night owls can satisfy their hunger at takeout stands until late into the night.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in Zurich’s locales; however, many offer so-called “Fumoirs” (smoker’s rooms).
  4. With the ZürichCARD, party-goers can benefit from, among other things, free admission to the Mascotte Club or the Casino, as well as free or discounted beverages at selected venues.

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Zurich Nightlife
Zurich is the place to be for night owls, for nowhere else in Switzerland is there such a large and diverse...
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Zurich's former red-light district with multi-cultural and very varied nightlife ...
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In Zurich, night owls are guaranteed a great night out.
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