LGBT+ Bars and Cafés in Zurich

A wide selection of bars and cafés in Zurich are geared towards the LGBT+ community.

Zurich has countless bars, cafés and meeting places for people of the same sexual orientation; the Niederdorf quarter, in particular, is regarded as the historical center of the LGBT+ community. It is here that the oldest gay bar in Europe, the Barfüsser, is located. And even if nowadays the focus here is on sushi and cocktails, the bar is still liberal minded and proud of its historical significance for the LGBT+ community.

Other meeting places in the Niederdorf are the Platzhirsch and Cranberry, while the Huusmaa and Daniel H. are preferred gay venues close to Langstrasse.

Bar & Restaurant


Nowadays, Europe’s oldest gay bar is a sushi restaurant with lounge.
Bar & Lounge

Cranberry Bar

The Cranberry, serving delicious cocktail creations, has long since established itself on the gay scene.
Bar & Lounge

Daniel H.

Just a stone’s throw from Langstrasse, the Daniel H. is the perfect place to meet before immersing yourself in Zurich’s nightlife.

Petra’s Tip Top Bar

Petra’s Tip Top Bar features pop music, while its legendary drag shows guarantee unforgettable evenings.
Bar & Lounge


The Platzhirsch Bar is located in the heart of the Niederdorf and favored by both homo- and heterosexuals.
Bar & Café


Situated directly on the Limmat, the Rathaus-Café is a popular and open-minded meeting place for locals and tourists alike.
Bar & Restaurant


This great restaurant in the western part of Zurich serves guests in a friendly and uncomplicated manner.

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