Restaurant Volkshaus

Situated in a prominent location directly next to Helvetiaplatz, the Volkshaus combines history and zeitgeist, food and drink, the Kreis 4 quarter and the rest of the world.

  • Directly by Helvetiaplatz
    Large, open room
    Attractive restaurant at the pulse of the city

It is not easy to instill life into such a big space, but here this has been achieved with resounding success: the café and the bar in the front section comprise an old, wonderfully curved counter from Colmar in France, sawn-off pommel horses as leather seats, and simple benches, chairs, and tables for chatting, drinking, and eating. The restaurant, with its unusual take on diner-style booths, in the rear also gives the huge open space a cozy feel.

In the course of the renovation work, the team succeeded in creating a restaurant worthy of the name “Volkshaus” (house for the people): everyone feels welcome here and can find an intimate niche despite the spaciousness of the room.

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The Volkshaus serves great cuisine comprising organic ingredients, has friendly staff, and is a cool location where you really feel at home.

Nicolas Müller
For Nicolas Müller, Zurich serves as an interface between work and home.

Opening Hours

Monday – Wednesday, 8am – 11.30pm
Thursday & Friday, 8am – 1am
Saturday, 9am – 1am
Sunday, 10am – 11.30pm

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