The International Beer Bar

The craft beer enthusiasts in Kreis 5 offer more than just a straightforward Pilsner or two – you’ll also find plenty of hoppy, malt, sour and barrel-aged beers here.

  • Over 100 bottled beers
    Eight varying beers on tap
    Try before you order

The bar, which specializes in international and Swiss craft beers, can be found in the middle of Kreis 5, right next to the arthouse cinema Riffraff.

It has an impressively wide range that includes over 100 bottled beers, as well as eight beers on tap – with the range alternating almost by the hour. If you’re a newcomer to the world of craft beer, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. However, the friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice on what to choose.

The owners – two Brits and a Swiss native – all have plenty of expertise when it comes to beer. As true craft beer enthusiasts, they provide personal advice, recommend new varieties, and let every guest have a taste before they order. Cheers!

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Opening Hours

Daily from 4pm to midnight