Hoch-Ybrig Bike Tour

This circular bike tour between Einsiedeln and Hoch-Ybrig requires grit and stamina – but the wonderful panorama makes all the effort worthwhile.

This challenging bike tour leads from Einsiedeln to the mountainous region of Hoch-Ybrig, along the Mythen, and back to Einsiedeln. Some strenuous ascents need to be overcome, which, however, subsequently reward with wonderful panoramic views. Here, in the Hoch-Ybrig winter and summer excursion destination, mountain bikers can delight in the region’s mountains, lakes, flora, and fauna.  

A panoramic trail above Lake Sihl first leads to Unteriberg, where it crosses the valley floor. On the other side, the long, strenuous climb up to Oberiberg begins. The route continues along a dirt path to the highest point of the tour, the Spirstock. Now the view opens up of the two Mythen mountains, the Grosser and Kleiner Mythen. From here, the trail heads down into the valley again and finally back to the monastery village of Einsiedeln.

Those who still have strength in their calves or are looking for an alternative to the strenuous route can let off steam at the Kabi Bike Park near Oberiberg. Mountain bike beginners and children can improve their skills on two wheels on trails of three levels of difficulty.

Roads & trails 26 km (16 miles) asphalted
30 km (19 miles) natural surface
(of which 8 km/5 miles single trail)

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Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 44.7 km 113 min
Zürich Airport 51.4 km 150 min
Waagtalstrasse 127
8842  Hoch-Ybrig