Herzroute – by Bicycle Along Lake Zurich

The Herzroute (Heart Route) is a regional cycle route, leading all the way through Switzerland in a number of stages. One section goes through Canton Zurich.

What in the USA is Route 66 is Route 99 in Switzerland. And while in the US the route is for automobiles and motorbikes, its Swiss counterpart is used by bicycles and e-bikes.

The Herzroute, with the official designation Cycle Route No. 99, starts in Lausanne in Western Switzerland and leads in 13 individual stages to Romanshorn in north-east Switzerland. Biking enthusiasts who tackle the entire route take in a total of 700 kilometers (440 miles) and 12,000 meters (40,000ft) of elevation. Naturally, it is also possible to opt for individual sections of the route.

The stage that passes through the Zurich region is particularly picturesque: from the monastery village of Einsiedeln it leads along the secluded Sihlsee, whose banks offer some of the most beautiful cycling paths in Switzerland. The route then leads over the legendary Devil’s bridge to the Etzel Pass, with the fast descent leading over the Johannisburg vantage point back down to Lake Zurich. After cycling round the Obersee, proficient bikers reach the medieval town of Rapperswil-Jona, with its castle and Mediterranean-style Riviera.

A route guide is available at the Tourist Information Rapperswil Zürichsee (available in German and French).

Routes through the Zurich region:


Zürich Main Station 18.3 km
Zürich Airport 18.9 km
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Bahnhofstrasse 14
3400  Burgdorf