Greifensee Skate

The Greifensee Skate is a classic par excellence.

This route is very beautiful and easy, but at weekends also rather crowded as it is a popular excursion destination. Due to the many visitors to the Greifensee, it is best to take things easy and enjoy the beautiful scenery. A more upbeat skating pace is, however, possible during the week.

In view of the popularity of the nearby recreational area, wide paths with a hard surface have been made accessible to skaters. Nowadays, the Greifensee has an excellent infrastructure for all kinds of non-motorized traffic. The route is very easy to negotiate and thus also suitable for families.

Follow the violet Route 72 logo on the red sign.

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Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 10.3 km 18 min
Zürich Airport 12.7 km 23 min
Schweiz Mobil Greifensee Skate
8606  Greifensee