Risa Hutwerkstatt

The beautiful handmade hats by Risa Hutwerkstatt have enthralled lovers of elegant headwear for almost a century.

Lovers of elegant headwear can find hats in all shapes and sizes at the Risa store in the urban and hip Zürich-West quarter.

The beautiful hats made by Risa Hutwerkstatt have been carefully and lovingly handcrafted at its manufacture in Hägglingen, Canton Aargau, since 1919. They include classic top hats and typical Swiss yodeler hats, as well as a broad range of modern interpretations of the 1920s-style cloche, the trilby or the peaked cap. The stunning hats are made using machines that are in part over 100 years old, so each one is absolutely unique.

Many of these exquisite creations are also on sale in the store in trendy Zürich-West.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday–Friday, 12.00 midday–7.00pm