Restaurant Kaori

Maki, futomaki, hosomaki, uramaki, nigari, sashimi: sushi lovers can indulge themselves to the full at the Restaurant Kaori.

  • Japanese sushi
    Open sushi bar
    Large sushi sharing platters

At the Kaori, guests are treated to authentic and contemporary Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is housed in the Hotel Seedamm Plaza near Pfäffikon.

Amidst a typically puristic and bright Japanese interior design, guests can enjoy typical specialties from Japan, such as maki, futomaki, hosomaki, uramaki, nigari, and sashimi. These are all types of sushi that are prepared for guests at the open bar. Kaori Bowls – sushi rice served with all kinds of toppings – and Salad Bowls round off the taste experience. And for groups or curious food lovers, there are large sushi platters for sharing and for discovering new, unknown delicacies.      

The restaurant’s typically puristic Japanese-style interior reinforces the feeling of sitting in an urban restaurant in the heart of Tokyo.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 11.30am – 2pm & 5 – 11pm
Saturday, 5 – 11pm