Castle Tower Pfäffikon SZ

It is well worth taking a glimpse inside the old walls of the Schlossturm in Pfäffikon am Zürichsee.

In the mid-13th century, the abbot of Schwanden had today's castle tower built as defense against enemy attacks and to protect the revenue from the monastery's lands.
In 1299, a great deal of effort was invested in the addition of inner and outer walls as well as moats.

The castle site served as an administrative center for the monastery until the 18th century and was finally replaced by the new Baroque governor’s office alongside.
Today the tower hosts a range of events – from weddings to family parties, business gatherings and cultural events. Regular readings and concerts are also held in these old walls under the name of “Kulturm”.


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 26.4 km 37 min
Zürich Airport 32 km 54 min
Schlossturm Pfäffikon SZ
8808  Pfäffikon