Electric Power

Switzerland uses Type C and Type J electric plugs with a voltage of 230V/50 Hz.

Power Sockets

Most newer buildings have Type J power sockets, which accept the Europlug and the grounded Type J, but not the French plug Type CEE 7/17. Flat, flush-mounted power sockets of the Type J are also commonly found. These are compatible with the Europlug, but not with the French Type E or C or the German Type F plugs.

Free Wi-Fi

Many hotels, restaurants and businesses offer free Wi-Fi access. At Zurich Airport, guests can surf free of charge for one hour.

Free Wi-Fi at Zurich Main Train Station

In addition to free access to “SBB-FREE”, you can also get the latest news and useful information about the train station, such as the store opening hours and current events on site. Connect to the “SBB-FREE” Wi-Fi network and register online.

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