Every year, Zürich Tourism holds this special Advent event to say thank you to the people of Zurich and visitors from both home and abroad.

Canceled due to heavy rain and gusts of wind.

December 21, 2023

At the traditional “Lichterschwimmen” event, at 6.00pm precisely, hundreds of tiny lanterns set sail from Stadthausquai on an atmospheric journey down the River Limmat. Every year, students from schools in the Canton of Zurich make the lanterns and then have the honor of launching their creations on the water.

This enchanting event enthralls visitors and locals alike. Organized by Zürich Tourism and supported by the City Department of School and Sport, this festive greeting is the perfect way for Zürich Tourism to thank the people of Zurich for their hospitality. Zürich Tourism also serves hot punch and something sweet for onlookers on Weinplatz. “It is our way of saying thank you to the people of Zurich for their hospitality toward our national and international visitors.”

The History of Lichterschwimmen

In 1962, Hansruedi Obi, a teacher at the Ilgen School in Zurich, was looking for a way to celebrate the Swiss tradition of “Schulsylvester” ‒ the last day of school before Christmas ‒ a little differently with his class and to also treat the townspeople to a surprise. He and his pupils made tiny boats with tea lights inside, which they launched from the Stadthausquai at 7 o’clock on Schulsylvester morning. In 2019, Dorothea Lanz from the Balgrist School took over the by now much-loved tradition. Every year at Advent, she and the pupils make 800 little lantern boats for this enchanting event.

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