Parking regulations in Zurich are very strict. Whoever doesn't stick to the rules can expect a parking fine of CHF 40 or more. Parking is generally permitted only on marked parking places.

We recommend parking in one of the 10 park-houses in Zurich City.  Signalization boards at traffic hubs show the number of vacant parking places and the way to the park-houses. Alternatively there are parking places with parking meters for short stays (white zone). These are limited from 30 minutes to 2 – 4 hours (with exceptions).

Parking cards for inhabitants and parking in blue zones, as well as special parking permissions are obtainable at Parking times are generally coordinated with business opening hours and displayed on the parking meter.

The SBB’s P+Rail service allows you to park your car at train stations in specially designated parking spaces and then from there to take the train for your onward journey. This not only makes traveling to Zurich quicker and easier, but means that you do not have to waste time looking for a parking space in the city.
To the P+Rail Locations

Practically everywhere parking between 9.00pm evenings and 8.00am in the morning is free of charge.

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