Parking at Zurich Airport

There are various car parks at Zurich Airport.

It is worth booking your parking space at the airport in advance online. You save time and money and can also benefit from additional services.

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Car Parks

Cark parks P1, P2 and P3 are located directly next to the main airport building and are directly linked with the corresponding Check-in and Arrival areas (1, 2 and 3). For shopping at the Airport Center, we recommend car parks P2 und P3. Car park P6 is a 5-minute walk from the airport building and offers a cheaper alternative to car parks P1–3 for travelers wishing to park for four days or more.

Parking Rates (less than 24 hours) with On-Site Payment

Duration P1, P2, P3 P6
15 min CHF 2 CHF 2
30 min CHF 4 CHF 4
45 min CHF 5 CHF 5
1h CHF 6 CHF 6
2h CHF 10 CHF 9
3h CHF 14 CHF 12
4h CHF 18 CHF 15
each additional hour CHF 4 CHF 3
max. 1 day CHF 54 CHF 45

Parking Rates (more than 24 hours) with On-Site Payment

Travelers wishing to park their car at Zurich Airport for a longer period should use the long-term car parks P60, P16, and P17. These parking spaces on the periphery are only available with an advance online booking.

Duration P1, P2, P3 P6
max. 1 day CHF 54 CHF 45
2 days CHF 96 CHF 87
3 days CHF 124 CHF 111
4 days CHF 152 CHF 135
5 days CHF 180 CHF 154
6 days CHF 208 CHF 173
7 days CHF 236 CHF 192
14 days CHF 432 CHF 325
21 days CHF 628 CHF 458
each additional day CHF 28 CHF 19