art ufnau 2022, Ausstellung Harald Naegeli

May 13 – October 16, 2022

Zurich artist Harald Naegeli caused quite a stir back in the 1970s. His stick figures, which were illegally sprayed on house façades and mostly embodied nature spirits, even led to a warrant being issued by the Zurich police for his arrest.

Nowadays, the “Sprayer of Zurich” is a celebrated artist. At art ufnau, he is showing 37 previously unpublished drawings from his work, “Ufnauer Totentanz – ein Bilderzyklus der Vergänglichkeit” (Ufnau Dance of Death – a Picture Cycle of Transience). St. Martin’s Chapel on the island of Ufnau provides a spectacular exhibition space for the cycle. Here, Naegeli’s works perform a dance of death of the subconscious with in part disturbing imagery and somber symbolism.

The program is supplemented by guided tours, concerts, and readings on the theme of transience.

How to Get There:

The Lake Zurich Navigation Company (ZSG) operates a service several times daily to Ufenau Island from Zurich and/or Rapperswil. In addition, special trips by boat taxi can be booked.

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