Zürich by

Marc Blickenstorfer

Marc knows Zurich’s nightlife like the back of his hand.
Marc knows Zurich’s nightlife like the back of his hand.

As a co-owner of various Zurich bars and clubs, he knows where the sturdiest dance floor is, where the best cocktail is served, and where to go for the perfect brunch the morning after.


Olé Olé Bar

A visit to the Olé Olé comes either at the beginning or at the end of the evening. The bar, which is managed by three women, has a perfect location – from here, you can head off in any direction. The Olé Olé isn’t an elegant locale, but is best...

Dante Bar

Here you can kick off the evening with some tasty cocktails. The bar has a good selection of gin, and with its traditional interior design, it’s a pretty classy place. It's just a shame that there’s nowhere to sit outside. But that makes the...
In Fine Weather

Seebad Enge

This bathing facility dating from the 1960s is a unique location for a bar. Here a mixed clientele enjoys an after-work beer amidst romantic lighting. A word of advice: If you're drinking beer, forget about swimming.
The Urban Garden

Frau Gerolds Garten

Frau Gerolds Garten is an urban island of greenery in the heart of trendy Zurich-West. In fine weather, I recommend going out onto the terrace and watching the trains that have the privilege of arriving in Zurich or sadly have to leave it.
The All-Rounder


The Plaza is a large, attractive club at the beginning or the end of Langstrasse, depending on from which direction you’re looking at it. Various events with different styles of music attract a mixed public. Whether rock or electro – the Plaza can...
After Hours

Frieda’s Büxe

Frieda’s Büxe stands there as solid as a rock. Things really get going late at night – which is hardly surprising as first-rate electronic music is played here right through until daybreak.
The Day After

Maison Blunt

After a night of partying, this Moroccan restaurant is just the thing to get back on your feet again. For brunch, you can tuck into delicious mezze served with Moroccan tea. But I strongly recommend that you reserve a table in advance.

Multifaceted Zurich

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