A hot air balloon trip over Lake Zurich

With a hot air balloon trip, you will feel free as a bird and can explore the region in an unusual way.

Rappi Ballon is offering hot air balloon trips with professional pilot Thedi Bolli, one of Switzerland’s most experienced pilots. Most trips take place in the Zurich Oberland or Linth region but other regions of Switzerland can also be explored by air, depending on the number of passengers.

Rappi Ballon’s hot air balloons offer space for 3 passengers. This ensures that you enjoy your trip in comfort with plenty of space to rest on the edge of the basket. You can book hot air balloon trips individually or with any number of people.


Zürich Main Station 26.3 km
Zürich Airport 30.5 km
Lindenhofstrasse 16
8640  Rapperswil