At Fabrikat, handicraft enthusiasts, artist and craftspeople will find the perfect utensils to express their creativity.

Anyone who likes drawing, doing craftwork or simply using their hands to make things will be in heaven at Fabrikat, located in Zurich’s Langstrasse quarter. The elaborately designed interior looks as if it has been taken straight from a Jules Verne novel. In keeping with the surroundings, visitors will find articles that resemble tools from yesteryear.

The Fabrikat team understand “working goods” to mean top-quality pens, paintbrushes, paints, paper and utensils that last for as long as possible and lure modern-day city dwellers away from their cell phones and back to the workbench.

Another store is located in Oberdorfstrasse 34.

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Without doubt the most beautiful store in the Kreis 4 quarter is Fabrikat on Militärstrasse. Its motto is ‘working goods’ – that is, utensils for painting, writing and doing craftwork. These implements do not just function perfectly, but displayed in this beautifully designed store look fantastic, too.

Jeroen van Rooijen
Jeroen van Rooijen is the fashion expert of Zurich.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 11.00am – 7.00pm
Saturday 11.00am – 5.00pm