The Steakhouse

At the southernmost point of Lake Zurich, The Steakhouse invites guests to indulge in mouthwatering meat dishes.

  • Lachen Marina
    Events revolving around meat
    Seafood platter

The popular restaurant, The Steakhouse, is situated at Lachen Marina, the gastronomy and entertainment mile on the shore of Lake Zurich. As its name suggests, everything here revolves around meat. Guests choose their favorite piece of meat from the “Meat Boutique” and then watch it being expertly cooked by the grill master. For the appropriate wine, they can help themselves from the walk-in wine cellar, which houses a fine selection of local and international wines.

The Steakhouse is a real experience for meat lovers, with all kinds of events to do with meat, such as the BBQ courses during the spring season, Burger Day on Sundays, and the enormous Royal-Size cuts of meat every Monday.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 11.30am – 2pm & 6 – 11pm
Saturday, 6 – 11pm
Sunday, 11.30am – 11pm