Café Gourmet – Hotel Schweizerhof

The Café Gourmet, located directly next to the entrance of the Hotel Schweizerhof and opposite Zurich Main Station, is a small but very select bistro.

  • Gourmet café
    Central location near the Main Station
    Caviar boutique
  • Open through the day

In this locale, with its marble paneling and authentic French ambiance, guests can enjoy tasty antipasti, prime quality salmon, and homemade confectionery.

The bistro, which is open from early morning through to 9 o’clock at night, serves coffee and croissants for breakfast, light meals at midday and in the evening, and cakes and desserts in between.

However, the Café Gourmet is renowned for one delicacy in particular: in this tiny culinary paradise, caviar is sold ‒ either to sample in-house or to take out to enjoy later on.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday, 7.00am – 9.00pm