Open-Air Movie Theaters in Zurich

Watching movies outside in the open air is the ideal summer experience this year.

Already back in 1932 there was a movie theater in Zurich (the Roxy, now the Metropol) whose roof could be opened in fine weather. And even though the Roxy with its sliding roof no longer exists in this form, this does not mean that Zurich and its inhabitants have to dispense with enjoying a movie outdoors under the stars.

These days, now and again movies are shown on large screens on many of the city’s squares in the hot months of the year. In addition, there are a number of open-air movie theaters that are frequented all summer long – on the lakeshore, by the river, or on a gravel area in the entertainment district. The program features anything from Hollywood blockbusters to black & white classics, to independent films from all over the world.

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