New Year’s Eve in Zurich

How to Celebrate New Year in Zurich
New Year's Eve in Zurich

This is How New Year’s Eve is Celebrated in Zurich:

On New Year’s Eve, it feels like all of Zurich is out and about – especially in the city center, where people gather to hear the annual ringing of the Grossmünster bells and afterwards to marvel at the spectacular fireworks display over Lake Zurich.

Rining of the church bells 11.40 – 11.58pm
Lights out 00.19am
Firework 00.20 – 00.35am

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Numerous friends, families, and visitors from near and far – packed in warm shoes, clothes, and gloves and armed with a bottle of champagne and some glasses – flock to the Old Town to see in the New Year together (please dispose of everything correctly afterwards!).

High-lying vantage points and restaurants are particularly popular on this evening, as they also offer an unobstructed view of the fireworks displays in the surrounding region.

Popular Places to Celebrate:

On New Year’s Eve, many hotel restaurants offer festive dinners and galas. It is strongly recommended to reserve a table in advance. If that is too formal, you can head for one of the many bars, where guests party in a more lively and exuberant manner. In Zurich, it is also common for friends to celebrate together at home or wrapped up warmly on a rooftop terrace.

Inspiration for New Year’s Eve: