Georg Büchner spent the last months of his life in Zürich. In 1834, Büchner founded the "Society For Human Rights" in Giessen, a secret society of students and craftsmen. When his texts were published in the revolutionary socialist pamphlet "Hessischer Landbote" under the slogan "Wage war on the palaces, peace to the shacks", some people were arrested. Büchner fled into exile and arrived in Zurich in October 1836 after several detours.

He lived on the Spiegelgasse right next to Lenin’s apartment during the later stages of his exile – and worked as a private lecturer at the University of Zurich. This is where he began giving lectures on comparative anatomy. He simultaneously worked on the drama "Woyzeck" which was left incomplete because he died of typhoid at the age of 23 on February 19, 1837.

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