Fountain City Zurich

All over the city, top-quality drinking water flows out of fountains both big and small – and free of charge for everyone.

There is always a supply of fresh, top-quality drinking water in Zurich – thanks to more than 1,200 fountains that can be found every few meters throughout the city. As a result, Zurich is one of the cities with the largest number of fountains in the world. Fascinating stories and interesting facts and figures about some of these fountains can be heard on the “Water in Zurich” city tour.

Six special fountains in the city center that are definitely worth a visit are given a special mention here:

Water in Zurich City Tour

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Fountains, rivers, and the lake – in Zurich, water is omnipresent. Anyone interested in finding out more about Zurich’s innumerable fountains can book the city tour, “Water in Zurich”.

Stadtführung Wasserstadt Zürich

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The Drinking Bottle for Zurich Fans

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Anyone who get thirsty while wandering round Zurich can simply drink water from the nearest fountain, because this is almost always potable. In the rare cases where this is not advisable, here is an insider tip: take along a drinking bottle, fill it with crystal-clear Zurich drinking water, and in this way save money and unnecessary plastic.

Green Mile - Refill

You can find the most beautiful one here



4,500 Roses at Easter Time

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In the spring during the pandemic, the Reformierte Kirche Zürich surprised the local population by filling seven fountains in the city center with 4,500 brightly-colored roses. This initiative was so popular that it has been repeated in the lead up to Easter ever since – a tradition that hopefully will continue for a long time to come.


Zürich City Guide App

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The Zürich City Guide app lists all the fountains in the city. As a result, thirsty urban explorers always know where the nearest drinking fountain can be found.

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