Salto Winter Circus

November 22 – December 31, 2024

The Salto winter circus brings surreal and poetic entertainment to town: Circus artistry, light, sound, and music have been thrilling large audiences in the Big Top in Holberg car park in Zürich-Kloten every year since 2002. The show can be shrill, loud, and crazy, but also sensitive, moving, and captivating.

Founded by Gregory and Rolf Knie – members of the famous Swiss Knie circus dynasty –, Salto Natale is a modern event circus with gastronomic as well as show highlights: Featuring everything from simple apéros of drinks and appetizers in the foyer tent to fine festive dining with 3-course menus in the specially fitted-out dinner tent, there are plenty of opportunities here to surprise friends, family, or workmates with a culinary treat.

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8302 Kloten
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