Moser’s at Schlossbergplatz in Baden

The bakery with a café and terrace treats guests to fresh bread rolls, desserts and sandwiches in the heart of Baden’s Old Town.

At Moser‘s, guests can tuck into freshly baked bread rolls, pastries, cakes and much more while enjoying the beautiful view of Baden’s history-steeped City Tower. But there is one thing in particular that they should be sure not to miss: “Spanischbrödli”. This light, flaky puff pastry square was particularly popular among Zurich’s aristocracy in the 17th century. However, it was forbidden to make such luxury confectionery in staunchly Protestant Zurich, so the wealthy people there sent their servants to Baden at night to purchase their beloved delicacies in secret.

Nowadays, this sweet pastry is not forbidden anywhere and can also be found in many places in Zurich. However, they taste best of all in the place where they were invented – in the very heart of Baden’s Old Town. Besides Moser's, the Spanischbrödli pastries can be enjoyed in Baden at the Café Himmel, the Konditorei Linde or the Beck Arnet bakery.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Friday, 6.00am–6.30pm
Saturday, 6.00am–6.00pm
Sunday, 9.00am–6.00pm