Kasheme is a retro-style living room, musical adventure, and trendy disco all in one.

  • Interior in retro-chic style
    Studio serves as a mini-club
    Actively lived hospitality
  • Integrated record store

At the Kasheme, everything revolves around music: in a cozy living room atmosphere, you can listen to music, browse, buy, dance, or make music yourself.

The retro-chic style of the interior also reveals a modern flair. The sound studio in the basement – with the possibility of live streaming, no less – occasionally functions as a mini-club complete with dance floor. In addition, there is an integrated record store housing an exquisite collection of vinyl.

In addition, all kinds of listening sessions are held in the music/living room under the motto of “Selector’s Choice”. All the various activities are underscored by the active hospitality of the bar team.

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Opening Hours

Monday, Culture Monday - see program

Tuesday & Wednesday, 5pm – 12am
Thursday, 5pm – 2am
Friday, 4pm – 4am
Saturday, 3pm – 4am
Sunday, 3pm – 12am