Welcome to duty-free paradise

Before you board your flight, be sure to make the most of the extremely low duty and tax free prices at Zurich Airport. In the passenger areas you do not have to pay either tobacco or alcohol taxes, and goods in the airport’s tax and duty free shops are free of VAT. This means you can buy national and international tobacco goods, perfumes, cosmetics and spirits at extremely low prices. This combination of low prices and an attractive range of products make Zurich Airport a veritable shopping paradise.
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«Arrival Duty Free» – Tax + duty free shopping on arrival

Now you can also enjoy duty-free shopping at Zurich Airport when you arrive as a passenger from abroad. A new duty-free store with a wide selection of perfumes, cosmetics, spirits and international brands of tobacco products featuring the usual low, tax-free prices is located in the baggage claim area. You can take advantage of the attractive deals as well as the comfort of shopping for items right after landing. This will simplify passing through security abroad because you no longer have to bring liquids with you. You can also shorten your waiting time for your luggage – which means that flying via Zurich Airport is now even more enjoyable than before.
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Shopping for any occasion – daily at the Airport Center

The Airport Center is open daily, also on Sundays and public holidays. More than 80 shops, restaurants and bars are there for you in the public areas of the Zurich Airport. Thanks to long opening hours (8am until 9pm) also at your convenience when most other places are closed. If you are hungry or thirsty late at night you’ll be pleased to know that grocery shops are open right up until 11pm. Shopping at the Zurich Airport is particularly attractive also thanks to easy arrival by public transport and a large number of parking places. Those who shop for more than 60 francs at the Zurich Airport are also entitled to free hour of parking.
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Zurich Airport – Observation deck

Visit the new observation deck in Dock B of Zurich Airport and enjoy some fascinating views of the aprons and runways.
Winter time: daily from 9am-6pm
Summer time: daily from 8am-9pm
www.zurich-airport.com – Observation deck

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