Zürich by

Angelika Franz

Visit Zürich.
Discover the home of a banker.
What Angelika, a qualified mathematician, particularly likes about Zurich, her chosen home, is its romantic side.

She adores brunch under the centuries-old trees of the hotel Baur au Lac, the great little films at the Arthouse Piccadilly and the newly crowned Opera Company of the Year 2014.

Restaurant / Café
This Zurich institution is home to a cosmos of gastronomy, culture and nightlife.
Hotel / Appartment
The hotel offers 119 rooms, including 27 Junior Suites and 18 Suites, ranging between 25m2 and 100m2. Considerable emphasis has been placed on using the finest materials and creating a sense of spaciousness. The style of the rooms varies between Art...
The Zurich Opera House is the smallest of the world's large opera houses.
Arthouse Cinemas Zurich show independent hit films from all over the world.

Multifaceted Zurich

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