Découverte culinaire de Zurich

Cuisine étoile, spécialités fromagères suisses, délices végétaliens ou burgers divins : l’offre culinaire de Zurich promet du pur plaisir.
Zur Werkstatt an der Gleistribüne, Atelier apéritifs

La ville se laisse découvrir avec autant de plaisir, par exemple lors d’un voyage en tuk-tuk électrique pendant lequel les gourmets savourent une fondue ou lors d’une dégustation de vin et fromage à bord d’un bateau. Le « Food Tour » à travers le quartier branché de Zurich-Ouest vous fait découvrir les habitudes culinaires des zurichois pendant que le « Tour du chocolat » vous initie à le déguster. Vous êtes en quête d’une expérience hors pair ? Brassez votre propre bière lors de « l’apéritif du brasseur », apprenez à faire du fromage ou faites du pain dans un moulin historique.

Réservez votre expérience culinaire auprès de Zürich Tourisme ; directement auprès de la Tourist Information à la gare centrale de Zurich ou en ligne.

No matter how different the people in the team may be: Most of them can agree on food as a common denominator. Sizzle in the kitchen, bake bread or make your own cheese? At some team building events, even kitchen novices put on their chef's hats. Those who prefer to leave the kitchen to others can discover the highlights of Zurich's gastronomic scene on a food tour or sit down at the table aboard a ship.

In Zurich, there is a suitable gourmet experience for every group or event. Discover the different activities below.

Culinary Tours

Guided Tours

These experiences combine classic guided tours with food or beverage tastings. From fine dining highlights in Zurich or Rapperswil to the famous Zug cherry cake or freshly brewed beer with a menu of choice – full bellies and happy faces are a given at these team building events.

Dinner or Aperitif with the Team

Cooking Together

Chop, fry, and arrange the food you prepared together on a plate: At these events, team members stand side by side in the kitchen and cook. Be it in a competition, a challenge or in teamwork – in the end, everybody is sitting together at one table to enjoy their creations.

Workshops and Special Topic Classes

Learn Something New

This is where kitchen pros give away their secrets: Under their guidance groups prepare vegetarian meals, beak bread, make their own gin or learn how to avoid food waste.

Eat and Drink in Unusual Places

Boat, Gondola, eTukTuk

Enjoy delicious food in an eTukTuk, take a wine seminar on Lake Zurich or have dinner high above the ground in a gondola: Those who wish to surprise their team with something else than an evening at the restaurant, will find what they’re looking for with these offers.

Swiss Cheese

Typically Swiss

If you say Switzerland, you say cheese. In Zurich and its region, too, teams indulge in this delicacy, whether enjoyed as a fondue or at a cheese tasting event. Interested cheese fans can even make their own loaf at a workshop.

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