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Zürich is rich in cultural highlights. With over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries, Zürich is one of the world’s major art trade centers. Zürich’s cultural institutions such as the Opera House, the Tonhalle Orchestra, and the Schauspielhaus theater tempt visitors and residents with high culture on the stage.

Kunsthaus Zürich

The Kunsthaus Zürich (Museum of Fine Art) houses the most important collection of modern art in Zürich and is renowned for both its permanent art collection and its temporary exhibitions. International works of significance include many paintings by Edvard Munch, Van Gogh, Picasso, and leading Expressionists. There is also a significant group of works by Claude Monet and Marc Chagall. In addition to modern artistic trends represented by Rothko, Merz, Twombly, Beuys, Bacon, and Baselitz, visitors can discover a wide choice of pop-art works. An audio guide gives background information on 200 “highlights” of the collection.

Opening hours: Sat/Sun/Tue: 10am – 6pm, Wed/Thu/Fri: 10am – 8pm. Mon closed

>> Reserve your ticket for the permanent Kunsthaus collection here.

>> Buy your ticket for the Expressionism temporary exhibition (07.02.2014 – 11.05.2014) here.


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Heimplatz 1
8001 Zürich
+41 (0)44 253 84 84
Station: Kunsthaus
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