Palestine Grill

The Palestine Grill is a popular Zurich takeout, which treats its guests to Arab specialties such as falafel, hummus and sabich.

Located in the multicultural Langstrasse quarter, the Palestine Grill food truck would hardly stand out if it were not for the colorful mix of people of all ages lining up to buy Arab culinary delicacies, such as falafel or sabich. The Palestine Grill attracts customers with a continual stream of good music, whether lively hip-hop or cheerful reggae sounds, and at the same time conveys a positive political message: “for peace and peaceful co-existence.”

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The Palestine Grill is a multicultural takeout stand on Langstrasse. With its Oriental mezze, it also proclaims a political message: for a free Palestine and peaceful co-existence.

Jens Jung
As the owner of the John Baker bakery, Jens attaches great importance to fresh and eco-friendly products.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday, 11.30am – 12.00am
Sunday, 2.00pm – 9.00pm