The Zurich Galleries

The association represents over 50 of the most renowned galleries in the city of Zurich dealing in contemporary art.

  • Association of over 50 galleries
    Hosts the Zurich Contemporary Art Weekend
    City map showing all the gallery locations

The Association The Zurich Galleries (DZG) functions as a network organization, representing around 54 galleries in the city of Zurich. Focusing on contemporary art, it hosts a number of events, which attract a large international public every year.

Among the highlights is the opening of the season for all the galleries – one of the first events in Europe after the summer break – when, over a period of three days, the DZG offers the opportunity to view the various exhibitions. They also include the Zurich Contemporary Art Weekend before Art Basel, an extremely important event for the art scene.

On the DZG’s website, interested persons can find details of the current program of events, as well as the names of the artists represented by each gallery and a city map showing the locations of all the galleries.

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