John Baker Helvetiaplatz

A trendy bakery with delicious wares and a clear-cut philosophy.

John Baker is a prime example of how a bakery can achieve cult status. Its baked products are extremely popular – which is hardly surprising as the breads taste fabulous, the sandwiches are prepared with loving care, and all the other bakery products are also mouth-wateringly good.

What is very special about this company, however, is its hard-and-fast philosophy. Only regional, eco-friendly and organic products are used. What’s more, clients are given a discount if they don’t take a plastic bag.

Particular attention is also paid to minor things in order to produce the bread and pastries in the most sustainable manner possible. And it goes without saying that the bakery also caters for vegans and customers with food intolerances.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Friday, 6.30am–7.00pm

Saturday, 7.30am–5.00pm