MuDA – Museum of Digital Art in Zurich

Data, codes, algorithms – and art? The Museum of Digital Art in Zurich is at the intersection of science and creativity.

The fact that numbers and algorithms can be transformed into mind-blowing works of art is demonstrated by the exhibitions at Zurich’s Museum of Digital Art. The museum is dedicated to art forms that are based on codes, and each year organizes three shows at which one artist or artist collective has the opportunity to present their works.

Until now, digital art has been considered ‘nerdy’ and lacking in universal appeal, but in actual fact the opposite is true. That’s what we at MuDA aim to show.

At the same time, the artists function as curators, who stage their works according to their own concept. Each exhibition is accompanied by a special app containing interactive art and video documentation about the artist concerned.

MuDA was partly financed by an online crowdfunding campaign and thus also shows the relevance of digital art in modern society.

In purely economic terms, the museum should not exist in the first place, but the interest and support our project has received in Zurich is enormous.

Caroline Hirt & Christian Etter, Directors of MuDA

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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 11.00am – 7.00pm