Obersee Adventure Trail

Around the Obersee lake, treasure hunters of all ages can solve puzzles, search, and discover.

At the Obersee, the treasure of the secret society of the same name is threatening to sink. To prevent this from happening, treasure hunters both young and old are given the challenge of finding and recovering the treasure using the explorer backpack – containing a treasure map along with many more surprises.

But even those who do not take part in the treasure hunt (the puzzles at various points along the way are in German) can experience beautiful natural landscapes and varying scenery around the Obersee, directly on the lakeshore. The walk around the Obersee is divided into six stages (find all routes here). However, it can be completed faster by bicycle, which can be rented in Jona or Altendorf. Or how about a ride on the ferry, MS J. J. Rousseau? The ferry service operates for two weeks during the summer season.

More information about the explorer backpack, the treasure hunt, and the adventure trail around the Obersee lake can be found here (in German).


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 26.8 km 38 min
Zürich Airport 31.5 km 55 min
Rapperswil Zürichsee Tourismus
Fischmarktplatz 1
8640  Rapperswil