Erlenbacher Tobel-Weg

The Erlenbach and Küsnacht Gorge area boasts much natural beauty. Highlights include the waterfall and a huge erratic boulder, a large sandstone rock left over from the Ice Age.

Erlenbach, on the sunny shore of Lake Zurich, has retained its rural character. The Dorfbachtobelweg, a trail which follows the babbling brook, soon leads us to Höhschutz or Hanggiessen, a waterfall that plunges over a twelve meter high wall of molasse stone.

It is also possible to climb up to a local attraction know as the Dragon's Cave. Legend says that a terrifying dragon used to live deep inside the cave and attacked the village several times. However, it was eventually restrained with diamond chains by a pious knight. Shortly before the end of the gorge we come to a huge erratic boulder, Alexander's Stone, a large sandstone rock from the Ice Age. There is also a boulder garden with 65 other imposing stones which were gathered from the surrounding area.

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Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 7.3 km 13 min
Zürich Airport 14.9 km 27 min
Start Erlenbacher Tobel-Weg
8700  Küsnacht