Garçoa Chocolate

The award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate from Zurich.

The manufacturers at Garçoa need just two ingredients to produce their intensively flavored chocolate. That sounds simple, but it requires the very best ingredients – the purest of cacao and top-quality cane sugar – and time.

With the bean-to-bar movement, producers monitor every step of their chocolate production, from the cacao bean right through the final chocolate bar. As a result, Garçoa only uses cacao beans from plantations they have visited themselves and whose farmers they know personally. Thus the cacao beans used for Garçoa chocolate come from Chulucanas and Curimaná in Peru, Sronko in Ghana, and Idukki in India. At Garçoa, the cacao is only mixed with organic cane sugar and not with cocoa butter. This preserves the pure cacao taste.

The concept has proved successful – as underscored by an award at the International Chocolate Awards 2018. Although Garçoa’s production facilities are small, chocolate lovers can visit the manufactory in the course of a “Chocolate Safari” and learn how Garçoa chocolate bars are made.


“Chocolate Safari” 20 CHF per person


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 4.3 km 16 min
Zürich Airport 12.7 km 33 min
Butzenstrasse 60
8038  Zürich