Santa Lucia Paradeplatz

In the heart of Zurich’s business and shopping district, you can find well-established and much-loved Italian fare: pizza, pasta and much more.

The beechwood is blazing and firing up the oven, the home-made dough is slowly turning a beautiful golden brown. Under the watchful eye of the pizzaiolo, the pizza reaches just the right degree of crispiness – at which point it is swiftly removed from the oven and served up to the guest.

The Santa Lucia restaurants in Zurich set great store by quality. Since 1965 they have been treating their guests to pizzas from the wood-fired oven ‒ as well as, of course, other Italian delicacies such as meats specialties, salads and pasta.

In the relaxed ambience of the Santa Lucia at Paradeplatz, guests can enjoy a leisurely lunch or regain their strength after an extensive shopping spree – or in the evenings simply relax and indulge themselves.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 11.30am – 11.30pm
Sunday 11.30am – 10.30pm