“Y” by Sislej Xhafa

Located in Hardau Park in the western part of Zurich, this installation invites people to ponder, but also to enjoy a swing.

  • Installed in 2011
    Also serves as a swing
    Located in Hardau Park in Zürich-West

The Work

The 15 meter (49ft) tall sculpture, “Y”, by artist Sislej Xhafa stands in a park in the middle of the Zürich-West district. It has already caused some controversy due to its ambiguity. On the one hand, its title “Y” can also be understood in the sense of the question “why”. On the other, it resembles a slingshot, which, based on the Bible story about David and Goliath, can be seen as a symbol of resistance. Not least, however, it also functions as a giant swing – much to the delight of the children from the neighborhood.

Special Remarks

This work of art is as tall as a house. It can also be used by children as a gigantic swing and is illuminated at night.


Hardau Park in Zürich-West is used by different generations and cultures.

The Creator

Concept artist Sislej Xhafa (born in 1970 in Peja, Yugoslavia) comes from Kosovo and mainly focuses on issues concerning identity and migration.

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