Where the Cherry Blossoms Are Flowering in Zurich

Magnolias, cherry blossoms, and more – these are the 11 places in Zurich where the trees are the most beautiful. An overview with the current flowering status.

The list below shows Zurich’s cherry blossom hot spots, with the address, pictures to inspire your own photos, and current flowering status.

Why the interest? Because each spring, Zurich transforms itself into a stage for a spectacular – and completely natural – show, with the leading roles played by the white and pink flowers of the many magnolia, Japanese cherry, and cherry plum trees.

This colorful spectacle occurs – depending on the temperatures – as early as mid-March and is particularly impressive on Bertastrasse, at Stauffacher, in Rieterpark, or in the garden of Villa Patumbah.

Current flowering status on a scale from 1 to 5

Blossom Skala

Last updated on:  April 26, 2021

1. Bertastrasse

 Trees: Cherry plum / On the Map

2. Zurlindenstrasse

Trees: Ornamental cherry / On the Map

3. Zentralstrasse

Trees: Ornamental cherry / On the Map

4. Belvoirpark

Trees: Ornamental cherry, Magnolia, Japanese cherry blossom / On the Map

5. Rieterpark

Trees: Magnolia, cherry plum / On the Map

6. Seestrasse Ecke Breitingerstrasse

Trees: Ornamental cherry / On the Map

7. Stauffacher

Trees: Ornamental cherry, cherry plum / On the Map

8. Platzspitz Park

Trees: Magnolia / On the Map

9. Rotbuchstrasse

Trees: Japanese cherry blossom / On the Map

10. Seepromenade / Lindenstrasse

Trees: Magnolia / On the Map

11. Villa Patumbah-Park

Trees: Magnolia / On the Map

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