Lägern Ridge Hike

This wonderful hike leads from Regensberg near Zurich to Baden.

Route Description

Every child in Zurich knows this hike, as it is the absolute classic for school trips. The village of Regensberg with its little castle can be reached from Zurich via Dielsdorf in around 40 minutes. From here, the route first leads through a magnificent forest, with the path ascending in a steadily uphill climb. In the forest, the picturesque trail becomes stonier and steeper, ending up on the narrow Lägern ridge. After a time, hikers can decide between two options. Those who are not afraid of heights can tackle the ridge path. It is not particularly high, but as it leads along sloping, almost vertical terrain, surefootedness is essential. Families with children or persons with dogs are recommended to take the lower path.

Particularly Recommended

In the spa town of Baden, a visit to one of the many thermal baths offers a welcome opportunity to relax and recuperate after all the activity.

Catering Facilities En Route

A third of the way along the route, hungry or thirsty hikers can make a last stop at the small restaurant at Lägern Hochwacht; after that, there are no more catering facilities until Baden. It is recommended that you carry sufficient water and a light snack in your backpack.

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Opening Hours

Open to the public all day


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 14 km 35 min
Zürich Airport 10.2 km 36 min
Start Gratwanderung Lägern
8158  Regensberg