Circular Bike Tour Farner

From the Uznach stork colony to Oberricken and Farner: the Farner route offers unspoilt nature and a lot of altitude on the edge of the agglomeration of Zürich.

The starting point for this tour is the village of Uznach, which has a large colony of storks. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cover the climb up to Oberricken as effortlessly as these birds can on a bike: over the 1.6 miles / 2.5 kilometres between Ernetschwil and Bildhus, you will cover a total climb of nearly 1,000ft / 300 metres.

The route continues through the highland moors on the way to Ricken. From the village of Ricken, the route rises again for another 500ft / 150 metres up to Oberricken. The following 2.5 miles / 4 kilometres, travelling downwards on tarmac, gravel and grassland, provide an opportunity to gather your strength.

You will need it for the climb up to Farner, at a height of 3,800ft / 1,157 metres. The descent to Goldingen is the most technically demanding part of the tour.

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Zürich Main Station 37.3 km
Zürich Airport 40.2 km
Start Bike Tour Farner
Uznach, Bahnhof
8730  Uznach, SG