What started as a “Taucherli” – a praline chocolate for dipping in milk – has now developed into a range of exquisite Swiss chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and even chocolate fondue.

Chocolate lovers’ mouths starts to water at the mention of Taucherli - a ganache praline coated in top-quality chocolate. If you dip a Taucherli into a cup of hot milk, it transforms it into a deliciously rich chocolate drink. However, nowadays the range that has developed around the Taucherli praline-on-a-stick also encompasses the most delectable of chocolate bars in a variety of flavors – and even chocolate fondue. These products can be purchased online at Taucherli or in numerous stores in Zurich. In addition, this popular confectionery also features on the drinks list at a number of cafés and restaurants in the city.

The award winning Taucherli products are all handmade in Zurich and can also be bought directly at the factory by prior arrangement.


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