Wirtshaus zur Krone

The Krone in Winterthur is housed in a historic building in the middle of the Old Town, just a few minutes from the train station.

  • Traditional
    In Winterthur
    Classic bistro cuisine
  • Regional, seasonal

As the oldest tavern in Winterthur, the restaurateurs have fully devoted themselves to tradition. The restaurant celebrates timeless cuisine, including such classics as steak tartare or Wiener schnitzel. Also featured on the menu are Swiss favorites such as Mistkratzerli or whitefish from Lake Zurich.

The Krone dispenses with exotic ingredients from all over the world, and instead focuses entirely on down-to-earth products from the region. The kitchen team also takes advantage of the market in Winterthur on Tuesdays and Fridays ‒ the fresh produce bought early in the morning goes straight into the cooking pots and is ready to serve by lunchtime. 

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